CLUTCH / WEE Edition I . Milk Hide

CLUTCH / WEE Edition I . Milk Hide


The front side is a hand-printed and brushed cow hide, screened to create a rich and intricate finish. Rear, sides and trims are pebbled leathers. Long strap is cut from hard cow leather with slight grain. Short hand plaited strap is soft grainy cow leather. A comfortable hold for the wrist or shoulder.

Clutch Wee carries your essential items, with a gold frame-clasped central compartment for precious possessions and magnetically sealed side pockets for all those bit and bobs you need in a hurry. Detach the long strap to wear hand-held or looped through your wrist with the short hand plaited strap. 

Width 25cm / Height 17cm / Depth 7cm /
Short strap drop 23cm / Long leather strap drop 40cm /
Weighs in at 700gms /

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